When it comes to wish fulfillment, the Walnut Street Theatre Company's production of The Normal Heart is more than I either counted on or deserved. It is that good... no one who sees it will remain unmoved. The production... is one of the best accounts of any play, old or new, that we are likely to see in this town for a long time. The director, Charlie Hensley, and his cast do honor to the play... There is not a weak performance in the production.” - William B. Collins

— Philadelphia Inquirer

An unsurpassable production... Charlie Hensley, who created something of a sensation last year with his staging of She Also Dances... finds the right dramatic tempo for Kramer's play and builds the action from one shattering climax to another... To single out any actor is perhaps unfair to a cast characterized by its close ensemble interaction.” - Robert Baxter

— Courier-Post

For the serious theatregoer, it represents that standard of excellence we hope to find in every production. For the more infrequent theatre-goer, The Normal Heart is that dramatic event that should not be missed... Distinguished by imaginative staging and... the finest ensemble of gifted actors on a Philadelphia stage this season. Charlie Hensley's direction is both passionate and impeccable. You should see it twice. It's really that good.” - Bill Royston

— After Dark

A searing production... Charlie Hensley deserves a lot of credit for tapping into the power in Heart... to produce a shattering theatrical experience... His staging is as fine as the New York production, and it's even more emotionally involving.” - Dan Hulbert

— Atlanta Journal-Constitution