Director Charlie Hensley skillfully leads these fine singer-actors through the sparkling action of the piece with a delicate hand. Not a nuance is missed. He leaves time for a few tears, and there are many moments of emotional gravity. He also uses a jaunty, razzle-dazzle 'em approach in the moments of joy and fun, and there are an abundance of these. It's exactly as it should be... See this show. Even if you hate, loathe and despise that evil Tinkie Winkie, I promise you will love, honor and adore Falsettos.” - Edgar Loessin


With a tenderhearted passion that most musicals wouldn't dare try, it is surely one of the most intimate, timely and moving presentations at VSC. Charlie Hensley has directed a fine ensemble cast in a manner that pleasingly avoids asking for either poignancy or humor -- but achieves both.” - Mal Vincent

— The Virginian-Pilot

The show is wonderful. That's all. Director Charlie Hensley has given us a labor of love in this production, turning whatever fear of risk he must have felt at the outset into a delicately unfolding triumph of heart. Helping Hensley in no small measure is a dream cast of New York singing actors who blend so well into Falsettoland that it's hard to imagine they have offstage lives. Best of all, they compose a true ensemble, each one strong, no one overshadowing.” - D.D. Delaney

— PortFolio Weekly