Ballyhoo: noun, “flamboyant, exaggerated or sensational event..." This production meets all of the superlatives that Webster can provide, and then some. Director Charlie Hensley marshals the fine talents of his actors to provide an evening of captivating theatre that seems much shorter than its 2½-hour length... filled with more laughter than somber reflection... This production is well cast and marvelously acted, with winners in each of the seven roles.” - Suzanne Connelly

— Syracuse Post-Standard

Under director Charlie Hensley, [the show] arrives in town with all interpretations clearly defined, all blocking well choreographed and all timings honed. At the holidays, audiences crave shows that are filled with laughter. Better yet, the laughter should be framed in tears. Best of all, the laughter should wade through the tears and triumph over them. That's why The Last Night of Ballyhoo now at Syracuse Stage will be an enormous hit with local audiences.” - James MacKillop

— Syracuse News Times

Director Charlie Hensley has wisely chosen to allow the poignant moments to shine through, rather than having his actors fall into the pit of playing this script too much for laughs. It is the right choice. Sparked by a deftly arched performance from the superb Sara Croft as Boo, the cast seems spontaneous and comfortable. The Last Night of Ballyhoo... is more than just entertainment... though it is a thoroughly engaging evening of theatre. It will undoubtedly prove to be one of the great crowd-pleasers of this company... It's one of VSC's more winsome evenings. See it, by all means.” - Mal Vincent

— The Virginian-Pilot