It is rare to see a commercial production of a play like Hosanna in New York. Happily, this production is not only rare, it's well done. The play is entertaining, perceptive and engrossing, and it builds to a touching resolution. Charlie Hensley has directed with a light but sure hand, keeping the positive underpinnings of the protagonists' relationship not far beneath the surface during all but the most venomous exchanges, and not allowing the evening to degenerate into melodrama.” - Roy Sander

— Backstage

[The actors] listen. Under Charlie Hensley's direction, they are not afraid to stop talking either, and they fill pauses with action and with thought, too. We believe them because their words have the weight of fully imagined experience behind them.” - Michael Paller

— Outweek

A first-rate production... In addition to the precision and subtlety of Tremblay's script, much of the credit goes to Charlie Hensley for his sensitive direction and for eliciting a shrewd restraint from both actors.” - David Kaufman

— Downtown