In Sly Fox, the Walnut Street Theatre Company has got hold of one of the great American inventions of the 20th century. It is a laughter machine, fiendishly clever in its construction, a black comedy with a devastatingly cynical view of human nature, a bedroom farce of brashly corny double meanings, a play that mocks death in its enjoyment of life's dirty tricks. The Walnut has brought its former associate director, Charlie Hensley, back to stage the comedy, and he has done so with infectious relish, moving a better-than-average cast through their exaggerated paces with an accurate feeling for the rhythm of this sort of theatrical caper.” - William B. Collins

— Philadelphia Inquirer

Charlie Hensley directs this large cast dexterously... While keeping a multiplicity of gags in the air at all times, Hensley offers some inspired stage business, split-second ensemble timing, energetic physical comedy and a hells-a-poppin' courtroom scene.” - Anita Donovan

— The Jewish Times