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Charlie Hensley: Reviews

Sly Fox by Larry Gelbart

In Sly Fox, the Walnut Street Theatre Company has got hold of one of the great American inventions of the 20th century. It is a laughter machine, fiendishly clever in its construction, a black comedy with a devastatingly cynical view of human nature, a bedroom farce of brashly corny double meanings, a play that mocks death in its enjoyment of life's dirty tricks.

The Walnut has brought its former associate director, Charlie Hensley, back to stage the comedy, and he has done so with infectious relish, moving a better-than-average cast through their exaggerated paces with an accurate feeling for the rhythm of this sort of theatrical caper.
William B. Collins - Philadelphia Inquirer
Charlie Hensley directs this large cast dexterously... While keeping a multiplicity of gags in the air at all times, Hensley offers some inspired stage business, split-second ensemble timing, energetic physical comedy and a hells-a-poppin' courtroom scene.
Anita Donovan - The Jewish Times

My Children! My Africa! by Athol Fugard

The debate at the curtain of the Virginia Stage Company's My Children! My Africa! focuses chiefly on who did the most soul-frying job: director Charlie Hensley or one of the actors... It's a powerful play powerfully done, the brightest feather in the VSC cap for quite a while.
Robert P. Arthur - PortFolio Weekly

The Last Night of Ballyhoo by Alfred Uhry

Ballyhoo: noun, “flamboyant, exaggerated or sensational event..." This production meets all of the superlatives that Webster can provide, and then some.

Director Charlie Hensley marshals the fine talents of his actors to provide an evening of captivating theatre that seems much shorter than its 2½-hour length... filled with more laughter than somber reflection... This production is well cast and marvelously acted, with winners in each of the seven roles.
Suzanne Connelly - Syracuse Post-Standard
Under director Charlie Hensley, [the show] arrives in town with all interpretations clearly defined, all blocking well choreographed and all timings honed.

At the holidays, audiences crave shows that are filled with laughter. Better yet, the laughter should be framed in tears. Best of all, the laughter should wade through the tears and triumph over them. That's why The Last Night of Ballyhoo now at Syracuse Stage will be an enormous hit with local audiences.
James MacKillop - Syracuse News Times
Director Charlie Hensley has wisely chosen to allow the poignant moments to shine through, rather than having his actors fall into the pit of playing this script too much for laughs. It is the right choice.

Sparked by a deftly arched performance from the superb Sara Croft as Boo, the cast seems spontaneous and comfortable…

The Last Night of Ballyhoo... is more than just entertainment... though it is a thoroughly engaging evening of theatre. It will undoubtedly prove to be one of the great crowd-pleasers of this company... It's one of VSC's more winsome evenings. See it, by all means.
Mal Vincent - The Virginian-Pilot

She Also Dances by Kenneth Arnold

She Also Dances is a... moving, poignant drama [that] receives an unsurpassable production from the Walnut. Director Charlie Hensley charts the emotional progress of Arnold's drama with remarkable clarity.
Robert Baxter - Courier-Post
...An arrestingly offbeat work that combines dance, music and dialogue in poetic conjunction [that] provides a whole range of dynamic possibilities which are explored with unfailing sensitivity.
William B. Collins - Philadelphia Inquirer
...So charmingly conceived, directed and performed that it holds the eye and ear, its suspense deriving not so much from situational uncertainty as from ingenuity in presentation. It develops with the surprise of a cocoon, unfolding in gymnastics, dance and music that add lyrical comments of their own to the dialogue.
Charles Lee - WFLN
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